Kimzey Leg Saver Splint

splintstraightenThe Kimzey Leg Saver Splint was designed to provide immediate relief and stabilization to the injured area.  However, over a period of time, the veterinarian may want to “straighten” the splint in gradual stages (two or three) in order to get the patient walking in a normal position.

The main section of the splint is fabricated with 6061 T6 aluminum.  This is a fairly hard grade of aluminum in order to provide strength, and special steps should be taken in order to prevent your splint from cracking.  We suggest the following procedures:

1)  Remove the straps with an allen wrench.

2)  Using an oxygen/acetylene torch (please contact a local farrier or metal worker if you don’t have a torch) heat the area to be straightened (A) with acetylene.  Once the aluminum is warm you can pull the neo-foam pad away from the aluminum from the bottom towards the top.  Remove the pad approximately halfway up the splint in order to prevent it from burning.

3)  Now that the pad is safely removed you will notice a black “soot” on the aluminum.  This is a residue from the acetylene.  Add oxygen to the acetylene and continue heating the aluminum until the soot is removed.  Now the aluminum should be warm enough to easily straighten to the desired angle using a vice or press.

4)  Let the aluminum cool before applying the foam with contact cement or a similar adhesive.

5)  Replace the straps.

Cracking and eventual breakage is not uncommon over time with normal wear and tear.  If your splint should happen to break, you can have it repaired at a local metal shop or send it back to us by calling (530) 662-9331.