The Following is a success story letter we received in the mail:

October 26, 2011

Good Morning:

I am writing you today to share my success story with using your Kimzey Splint.

In April of this year, my three year old gelding, Dakota, went through our high tensile wire fence and severed the extensor tendon in his rear leg.  After coming out to look over the wound, the on-call vet said that we should put him down.  However, we decided to get a second opinion and had him transported to a nearby equine hospital that was familiar with this type of injury.

After surgery and three days later, we were told we could come get him.  He came home in a plaster cast but he broke it within a day of wearing it.  We also learned that he had broken his cast coming out of anesthesia.  We had the equine hospital vet come out to recast him but within a few days he had broken it yet again.

My farm vet suggested researching the Kimzey Splint.  We quickly found your website and without hesitation, purchased a rear leg splint which arrived the next day.

Dakota was stabled and wore the splint for approximately three months.  Unfortunately, Dakota broke his splint “horsin’ around” in his stall, but we were lucky enough to know someone who could weld it for us and he was re-splinted within an hour.

Today he is out to pasture and we are working hard to get him out on the trail again.

I owe my horse’s recovery to the Kimzey Splint and I believe that he wouldn’t have healed successfully without it.

This was a very stressful time for me and the Kimzey Splint had provided the answer to my prayers.

Thank you so much!


Rebecca K.

Millers Mills, New York

Thank you for sharing your story Rebecca

Rebecca K. and Dakota